by Ian Azarya Aryanto


                   “Technology, like art, is a soaring exercise of the human imagination.”

                                                                      - Daniel Bell -


Do you know how much natural wealth Indonesia has? And do you know how much wealth Indonesia can have if its natural wealth is cashed? Maybe the amount of money we can't count. Indonesia is a prosperous country that enriched with a variety of beautiful natural wealth. But do you know that Indonesia is labeled as one of the countries most prone to natural disasters? Disasters occur very frequently throughout the islands in Indonesia. There are several reasons for this, such as the location of Indonesia in the Pacific fire ring lane and Alpide belt lane area, tropical climate, and Indonesia’s location between three continental plates.

But hold on! There is still hope. Indonesia is a bountiful country that faces frequent natural disasters across the archipelago. In order to mitigate the damage done by those disastrous events, we should advance with our technology. Nowadays, technology is increasingly sophisticated. Technology’s potential for disaster management and defense continues to grow. Indonesia needs help from us as a young generation, to help improve resilience to natural disasters through our thinking and innovation techniques.That is the main reason why IEEE SIGHT formed a competition to find innovations and ways to cope with natural disasters in Indonesia through the talents and skills of the younger generation.



IEEE SIGHT stands for IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology. IEEE SIGHT is a global network of groups of volunteers consisting of IEEE members and others. Each SIGHT group partners with a local community or organization on projects that leverage technology for sustainable development.



IEEE Health DisasterHack is a hackathon competition held by IEEE SIGHT Indonesia, IEEE Student Branch ITB, and Biomedical Engineering ITB. The event invited talented young developers who were interested in solving problems related to risk reduction and disaster management. The solution can be a mobile app or an application that integrates a mobile or web app with or without hardware. IEEE SIGHT Disasterhack is sponsored by IEEE Foundation and synergize with IEEE SIGHT Hits The Road (an IEEE SIGHT event to introduce the application of humanitarian technologies through the IEEE for various universities in Indonesia).



Each team has a maximum of 3 members. As a registration requirement, participants must make an essay containing innovations, ideas, and solution for post disaster health issues that will later be implemented. The essay consists of a maximum of 2 (two) pages. The essay will then be selected to determine which team will enter the final.



IEEE Health DisasterHack was held at Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, West Java on Saturday, April 27th to 28th 2019. The majority of participants came from outside Bandung. There were 13 finalists that step forward to the final stage. It consists of college students from UGM (Jogja), Brawijaya University (Malang), ITB, ITENAS, UIN (Universitas Islam Nusantara), University of Jember, and  Electronic Engineering Polytechnic Institute of Surabaya.


Day One of The Event

The participants stayed in Kalya Hotel for the next 2 days during the event. At 08:00 in the morning, participants were mobilized towards ITB. The first program is the opening and talks with experts. They talked about problem definition and an initial explanation of this event. After the explanation, Q&A session was opened. Participants were welcome to ask experts. And finally we arrive at the moment we are waiting for, the hacking session and workshop. Some of the workshop participants were taken to CRCS ITB to get an explanation of how to make a good proposal. And the other participants were taken to the hacking room at Multimedia ITB. They start working on their ideas based on the essays they have previously made during initial registration. The hacking session runs from 11:30 afternoon to 21:00. It went hand in hand with lunch at 12:30 and dinner at 19:00 - 21:00. After that, some participants were taken back to the hotel. But some of them looked for the items they needed to make a prototype of their work. And the first day finally ended.


Day Two of The Event

The last day of the event is finally arrived. Doors opened on 08:00 in the morning. The participants were taken to Multimedia ITB. They immediately starts their work and prepare for the presentations from 08:00 to 13:00. At 13:00, participants began to present the results of their work to the judges. Some make interesting prototypes and some even make mobile application. Some judges were interested and try to use it. After the presentation, participants are allowed to take a break while waiting for the announcement of the winner. Winners were then announced along with the winners of additional categories which surprised the participants. The judges then handed the prize to the winners. Non - IEEE member will be given free membership IEEE, and for those who are already a IEEE member will receive a chance to add their societies. After that, IEEE Health DisasterHack officially ended.


This event is not just for finding innovations and ideas to overcome the problem of natural disasters in Indonesia, but also to wake us up as a young generation. We as the next generation have a burden that must be borne together for the future. Technology should be in our hands! The future is not just about this world, it is about all of us as a keeper and developer of this world. Together we can reach the future!