by Aloysius Bimo Prayogo

Nowadays, nobody won’t know about video. People often even always using video in their daily life. Video is one of the most using media to share something they have. People use video to share their experience, knowledge, information, even entertainment and jokes. People make video as their first choice because of it is easy to make and spreads very quick through social media such as Instagram, YouTube, and WhatsApp.

Therefore for all of you who still having your college in high school and love to making videos, you should try shor movie competition held by IEEE ITB Student Branch Committee. This event is just one part of a series of events called ‘IEEE Fusion’. You are invited to keep exploring for ideas and make it into a video. There will be lots of themes that you can choose, those are ‘Living with Artificial Intelligence’, ‘How internet affects our lives’, and ‘How technology improves our lives’.

You just choose 4-7 friends to be your partners and only with 100k (in rupiah), you will be able to participate into this competition with a lot of experience that you’ll get. This competition was opened from April, but keep calm and always happy because you can submit your video until August and it is a very long time.  Don’t forget to upload it via YouTube. It is a short movie competition, so you guys just have to make 5-10 minutes video yeahh!!

There isn’t a competition without a prize. Take it easy guys because all of your effort will be paid with total prize five million rupiah. So what are you waiting for? Just register your group and enjoy your ‘video making’ fun story. For the complete timeline and information you cand see it through link or through WhatsApp contact 081322113232 (Radhin) and 081910366282 (Annisabelia).

Remember guys, happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. So keep trying and developing your ability through this competition. See you guys!!!