By William Christian


                                        “It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.”

                                                                        - Steve Jobs -


Have you ever realized you can not live a life without technologies ? Well, I think most of us will answer “yes”. Indeed, technologies are playing an important role nowadays. It’s crucial for us to understand and support technological development. The next question is “do people around you know how important technologies are ? And do they realize that technologies are so impactful to their life?”.

Those are the two of many questions that encourage us to create #CatalyzeTheMovement. Catalyze means to cause or to accelerate something to happen. The movement refers to the actions that we are going to make to bring out people's conciousness about the importance of technologies. In brief, #CatalyzeTheMovement means to contribute in making people realize the importance of technologies so they will have good intentions to support technological development for a better life in the future.

Soon in April 2019 to October 2019, there will be lots of spectacular events held by the IEEE ITB Student Branch Committee. On April 2019, there will be Short Movie Competition. On June 2019, there will be Innovation Contest, Case Study Competition, and Fusion Talks 1. On September 2019, there will be Fusion Talks 2. On October 2019, there will be final for Innovation Contest and Case Study Competition and our main event, Fusion Seminar. You that are reading this article are invited to join those events.

Will you join us to #CatalyzeTheMovement ?