Case Study

Description and Purpose

The Case Study Competition is a brand-new event of IEEE ITB Student Branch. It is an international competition participated by student of various major, mainly electrical and computer science engineering, all around the world. The competition focuses on analysis of a real case related to industries, identification of main problems and proposition of best solution to solve the problem. The competition consists of two main stages, which are preliminary phase (Storyboard selection) and final phase (presentation).

This competition is made as a platform for students all around the world to apply and sharpen their knowledge and analytical skills. By this competition, IEEE ITB SB are willing to bring out innovative ideas for the future challenge of human life.



Our present lives has technology existing in every aspect while it is still broadening in development. Some implementations have the fundamental purpose to flourish civilization and humanity, yet some technological approaches also harm human lives either directly or indirectly. Participants are required to analyze the issue about this theme based on the context given in the case and propose appropriate solutions to it.

Venue and Date

  1. Technical Meeting
    • Venue: Multimedia Room
    • Date: Thursday, October 10th, 2019
    • Time: 07.30 PM – end (GMT + 7)
  2. Competition Day (Final)
    • Venue: Bandung Institut Of Technology
    • Date: Friday, October 11th, 2019
    • Time: 07.30 PM – end (GMT + 7)

General Rules

  1. All participants must be an undergraduate student of their university until October 2019.
  2. Each team consist of 3 students from the same university, 1 of them should be the team leader.
  3. Each participant may only participate in one team.
  4. Each participant may not participate in other competition held by IEEE SB ITB 2019.
  5. Every university may send more than one team.
  6. Each team may only send one Storyboard.
  7. The Storyboard must be related to the case given from IEEE SB ITB.
  8. The submitted work must be new and original.
  9. All submission of Storyboard and final presentation materials should be typed, submitted, and presented in formal English.
  10. Top 10 teams will be chosen as the finalists and will be invited to Institut Teknologi Bandung, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia to solve the new case that given from the judges to solve.
  11. Each team that have been proceed to IEEE SB ITB STUDY CASE COMPETITION final round must attend the Technical Meeting at October 11th, 2019.
  12. There is one case in this competition, first case for preliminary phase and the second case for Final phase. The preliminary case can be accessed at Website IEEE ITB SB.
  13. Judge’s decisions are final and absolute.
  14. Any purposeful act of dishonesty observed by any IEEE SB ITB official, will be considered as a cause for disqualification.
  15. All regulations of IEEE SB ITB STUDY CASE COMPETITION are subjected to change. All changes will be informed on technical meeting or days before the competition via team leader’s email.


Wave Period Fee (National) Fee (International)
First July 15th, 2019 to August 15th, 2019 IDR 100.000 8 USD
Second August 16th, 2019 to september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019 IDR 150.000 12 USD
  1. Participants must create a team account at our website. Registration will be conducted in IEEE ITB SB 2019 website at on July 15th, 2019 until, August 31th, 2019 at 23.59 (GMT + 7).
  2. Participants must complete the registration payment and should wait for confirmation from the competition committee. Fees have to be paid to
    • National
      • Number: 0820764576
      • Bank: BNI
      • Person Name: IEEE STUDENT BRANCH
    • International
      • Paypal Email :

Competition Format

  1. Preliminary Phase (Storyboard)
    • Participants will be given a preliminary case at Website that has to be solved in Storyboard format
    • Full Storyboard submission will be held:
      • July 15th, 2019 to August 15th, 2019 (First wave)
      • August 16th, 2019 to september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019 (Second wave)
    • The submission of Full Storyboard along with payment receipt must be uploaded before August 15th, 2019 at 23.59 (GMT + 7) for first wave and before september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019 at 23.59 (GMT + 7) for second wave to here.
    • Participants then upload the Storyboard to the website using the team account before september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019 at 23.59 (GMT + 7). Submission of the Storyboard must in .pdf form with file name: IEEEITBSB2019_CaseStudyCompetition_Preliminary_(Team Name).pdf and then submit to our website using team account. After submitting your Storyboard, please verify immediately to our contact person.
  2. Final Phase (Presentation)
    • The best 10 teams will be announced on october 1st, 2019
    • The presentation will be held at Institut Teknologi Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, for 3 days:
      • October 10th, 2019: Technical meeting
      • October 11th, 2019: Presentation and Exhibition
      • October 12th, 2019 : Grand Seminar and Winner Announcement.
      Those teams will present their solution in front of judges at the Final day
    • Each team will have 25 minutes for their presentation at the competition day, as the following:
      • Presentation: 15 minutes
      • QnA: 10 minutes
      Those teams will present their solution in front of judges at the Final day

Structure Format

Storyboard Structure
The Storyboard in preliminary phase follow the IEEE Storyboard Format and Structure can be accessed in our website:

Presentation Structure
Each team can present their solution the best they can do as long as it is in .ppt or .pptx form

Judging Criteria

The assessment will be based on the portion below.

  1. Preliminary (Storyboard):
    • Originality (40%)
      Originality of contribution to knowledge with an emphasis on the Storyboard’s innovativeness in one or more of;
      1. theoretical development
      2. empirical results or,
      3. development

    • Quality of Argument (30%)
      Quality of argument incorporating;
      1. Analysis of concepts, theories and findings
      2. Consistency and coherency of debate

    • Positioning (15%)
      Clear positioning of Storyboard in existing international literature with a conclusion(s) that is both convincing and of significant potential

    • Writing Style (15%)
      Quality of writing style in term of accuracy, clarity, readability, and organization of the Storyboard

  2. Final (Presentation):
    • Originality and Creativity (20%)
      Theoretical or clinical significance of research; (i) Creativity and originality of logic; (ii) Timeliness and uniqueness of ideas

    • Organization (Logical presentation of ideas) (25%)
      Objectives/goals are clearly stated; (i) Methods are appropriate for achieving goals; (ii) Results are clearly presented; (iii) Thoughts and ideas flow in a logical manner; (iv) Results accomplish the purposes of the project.

    • Presentation (Oral presentation and delivery) (20%)
      Exhibits good body posture; (i) Maintains good eye contact with audience; (ii) Good diction; (iii) good articulation

    • Writing Style (15%)
      Exhibits knowledge of subject matter; (i) Answers questions with confidence

    • Neatness (Neatness of charts and graphs) (10%)
      Neat slides and/or transparencies; (i) free of marks and smudges; (ii) Visual materials are easy to read.

  Please note that the preliminary phase score is accumulated to the Final phase.

Key Dates

# Event Date
1 Open Registration July 15th, 2019
2 First Wave Period July 15th, 2019 to August 15th, 2019
3 Second Wave Period August 16th, 2019 to september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019
4 Close Registration september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019 at 23.59 (GMT + 7)
5 Finalist Announcement october 1st, 2019
6 Technical Meeting October 10th, 2019
7 Final Competition October 11th, 2019
8 Grand Seminar and Winners Announcement October 12th, 2019


  1. The result of full Storyboard submission will be announced at IEEE ITB SB website.
  2. The result of the competition will be announced at the Grand Seminar.
  3. Judges’ decisions are final and absolute.


Rank Cash Prize Certificate
1st IDR 5,000,000
2nd IDR 4,000,000
3rd IDR 3,000,000

Contact Person

RADHIN - Public Relation Dept.
LINE: radhin03
WhatsApp: 081322113232

ABEL - Public Relation Dept.
LINE: annisabeliaf
WhatsApp: 081910366282

HARDY - Website Dept.
LINE: hardyvalen
WhatsApp: 08111011402