Short Movie

Description and Purpose

Short movie competition IEEE Fusion 2019 is a competition for high school students in Indonesia to further explore ideas, create a story, implement and show off the ability to make a movie, acting, and cinematography skills, and share their work not only as a competition submission but also as a creation that can affect and improve people’s awareness concerning the impact of technology on humanity through a work of short movie.


“Technology for Humanity”


  1. Living with Artificial Intelligence
  2. How internet affects our lives
  3. How technology improves our lives

Rules and Regulations

  1. Short movie competition is open to all high school students in Indonesia.
  2. Participants must form a team that consists of 4-7 students from the same high school.
  3. Participants must attach a letter of recommendation from their school to join the competition.
  4. Short movie duration should be within 5-10 minutes.
  5. The short movie must be video footage or animation. Slideshows with music are not acceptable.
  6. The Short movie format resolution must be at least 1080p, free ratio aspect, and has an adequate sound quality.
  7. The short movie must have English subtitles.
  8. The Short movie must be appropriate for all audiences (no profanity or mature content and should not contain elements of SARA).
  9. The Short movie is an original film made by the team, authentic, and has never been published before.
  10. The Short movie must contain credits to all participants in the movie (crew, actors, songs, etc.)
  11. Captions/subtitles must be in English
  12. Sponsor logos and IEEE logo must be included at the beginning of the video, it can be downloaded at IEEE ITB SB Website

Video Submission

  1. The short movie must be uploaded via YouTube and submitted before 23.59 WIB September 7th, 2019.
  2. Short movie should has titles and caption along in the description with hashtag #FUSION2019 #IEEE #ShortMovieCompetition #TechnologyAndHumanity #(quote) #techvidcompetition #advancingtechnologyforhumanity
  3. URL submitted through IEEE ITB SB website.
  4. Format title: FUSION2019 SHORT MOVIE COMPETITION (GroupNumber):(GroupName) “(VideoTitle)”
  5. Video caption consists of a short narration about the movie.

Judging Criteria

  1. Originality (15%)
    1. The author's originality in terms of ideas and arguments.
    2. If the ideas are similar, the judge will decide which one is better

  2. Intended Purpose (30%)
    1. The short movie has a clear purpose to convey a message.
    2. The short movie has a moral value.
    3. The short movie has to be persuasive.

  3. Cinematography (20%)
    1. Using good cinematography methods and techniques.
    2. The audio and resolution have good quality.

  4. Creativity (25%)
    1. High level of creativity & imagination is used in the making of the video.
    2. Can make hard to touch subjects enjoyable.

  5. Suitability of the theme and content (10%)
    1. The idea and the story suit the theme of the competition.
    2. The short movie contains a story to match with the content.


  1. Registration fee is IDR 100.000/team.
  2. Payment is conducted via transfer to:
    • Account Number: 0820764576
    • Bank: BNI
    • Person Name: IEEE STUDENT BRANCH
  3. The proof of payment must be uploaded to IEEE ITB SB website (, with subject: Payment_SM_(Highschool)_(TeamName)
  4. The letter of recommendation also must be uploaded to our website (, with subject: Letter_SM_(Highschool)_(TeamName)

Key Dates

# Event Date
1 Open Registration and Video Submission July 15th, 2019 — september 7st, 2019 september 21st, 2019, 2019
2 Winners Announcement october 1st, 2019
3 Grand Seminar October 12th, 2019


  1. The result of full paper submission will be announced at IEEE ITB SB website.
  2. The result of the competition will be announced at the Grand Seminar.
  3. Judges’ decisions are final and absolute.


The winners will be announced on IEEE website. There will be four winners and the short movies will be played at the grand seminar.

Rank Cash Prize Certificate
1st IDR 2,000,000
2nd IDR 1,500,000
3rd IDR 1,000,000
Favourite IDR 500,000
Favourite winner is achieved by voting on the IEEE ITB SB website

Contact Person

RADHIN - Public Relation Dept.
LINE: radhin03
WhatsApp: 081322113232

ABEL - Public Relation Dept.
LINE: annisabeliaf
WhatsApp: 081910366282

HARDY - Website Dept.
LINE: hardyvalen
WhatsApp: 08111011402